10th International Conference on the Bearing Capacity of Roads, Railways and Airfields, Athens, Greece, 28-30 Jun. 2017

BCRRA 2017 Conference will cover aspects related to materials, laboratory testing, design, construction, maintenance and management systems of transport infrastructure focusing on roads, railways and airfields. Additional aspects that concern new materials and characterization, alternative rehabilitation techniques, technological advances as well as pavement and railway track substructure sustainability will be included. Providing a unique opportunity to interact and exchange and share information amongst researchers, practicing engineers and other professionals, BCRRA 2017 will welcome experts in the field from all over the world who can exchange their views and experiences, and have an outlet to discuss new concepts and innovative solutions.


This conference is planned to be held in Athens, Greece, in 28-30 June 2017. This conference is supported by ISSMGE TC202. There will be a special session to be organized by TC202 members/friends.


More information at the Conference Website.